The Farm

Revitalizing the Barn

    Today the farm consists of 91 acres, mostly cleared land in cultivation.  About 30 acres are leased as pasture land for cattle. Scott Farms of Lucoma, NC has leased the crop lands and this year is planting only corn. 
    A contract has been sign with the NC Dept. of Agriculture to place about 19 acres of wet land into tree restoration project which will be planted in White Cedar (Juniper). The planting will begin this fall and the trees are provided by The Nature Conservancy. A planned pond enlargement this summer will be at the land owners expense.
This should create not only tree restoration but also serve to improve wildlife habitat, including birds, butterflies, and amphibians. 


Who we are

Green Roof Farm is a family venture.  We are excited to bring a bit of our family story to you and hope we can help create memories that last a lifetime. 

Our family is very dedicated to land conservation and sustainability.  Everything we do now will impact generations to come.  This is a huge part of who we are and hope that you too can play a part. A large percentage of the proceeds goes back to the land.